Nov 19-21, Deane Hill

Nov 19-21 Hybrid Estate Sale in Deane Hill

240 Lot Online Auction + Gigantic Tag Sale!

Fine Antiques & Collections of Clocks, Radios, Quilts, Coins, Oil Lamps, Coffee Grinders, Costume Jewelry+

Sale Runs Thursday -Saturday, All Days by Appointment.
Thursday & Friday are Online Auction Preview & Buy Now Pickup, PLUS the huge Tag Sale!
Saturday is Online Auction Pickup.
Tag Sale is 25% off Friday and 50% off Saturday!

Anyone can get an appointment to attend the sale. Click the link above, then click a date on the calendar and choose from available times. You can bring one person with you to your appointment.

Seven Seas will conduct a 3-day sale to liquidate the contents of home in Deane Hill area of Knoxville, over the weekend of Nov. 19-21, 2020. This Sale has a fantastic Online Auction and a Tag Sale that is SO BIG we know we need 3 days to run it!
Our Client inherited and collected great Antique Furniture and filled every room in the house with it. She then filled and covered every piece with a bewildering volume of other items. We have BIG collections of Antique Clocks; Tube Radios; Coffee Grinders; Quilts; Oil Lamps: Wooden Boxes & Crates; Dolls; Clothing & Scarves; Colored Glass, Kitchen Items and MUCH More. There are smaller collections and a wealth of interesting single items throughout the home.
THE 240 LOT ONLINE AUCTION INCLUDES: Most of the Antique Furniture; Clocks; many of the Radios; Primitives; Quilts; Lamps; Coffee Grinders; Coins & Jewelry, plus lots we normally have in homes. All items besides Coins have Buy Now Prices. The Auction Closes Friday Night, Nov. 20th. Winners must pick up items on Saturday the 21st OR arrange for Delivery or Shipping (coins only).
Delivery is available through Frank Lamuth (865 789 0278),and shipping is available on the coins!
THE TAG SALE INCLUDES Everything else in the home! This includes a HUGE array of items including MORE of the Radios, Quilts & Primitives, plus mass volumes of Kitchen & Dining, Colored Glass, China, Lines, Clothing, Books, Dolls & Figurines etc. This is one of the biggest Tag Sales we’ve had since May. Please see our Tag photos and listing, where we have broken out the Collections to help you make sense of this big sale.




TAG SALE LISTING (These items will be available to purchase at Tagged Prices when the sale in the home opens Thur. Nov. 19th, by appointment. We’ve started the list with the collections and indicated how much of each type is Tagged.)
Antique Furniture: Most in auction but many chairs and tables tagged.
Quilts, with more than half in the Tag Sale.
Clocks, most Wind ups are in the Auction; lots of alarm & electrics Tagged.
Dolls, ALL in the tag sale
Women’s Clothing – spans decades and sizes M-XL. All Tag
Astonishing number of Scarves!! All Tag
Wooden Boxes – 70-80 pcs, almost all in tag sale
Bells- mix of auction and Tag
Oil Lamps – 60-70, mostly in tag sale. Huge variety
Calendars – all sorts and dating back to 1911, all in tag sale
Buttons -many jars etc full, all tagged
Vintage Kitchen Implements – all tagged
Cat & Owl Figurines, all Tagged
Throw Pillows. Fills 2 closets, a bathtub and there’s more than that. Just wow.
Coffee Grinders – a little more than half in the auction
Primitives -so many! Volumes in auction and tag
Tube Radios – more tagged than in auction
Colored Glass Dishes, Bases and Creatures. All in the tag sale!
Salt and Peppers – all tagged
Costume Jewelry – a few auction lots and loads of bags full in tag
Chenille Bedspreads
Quilt creatures
Branded doodads, like thermometers, calendars, banks etc with company logos.
Crafting & Sewing Supplies
Bowl &Pitcher
Duck Art, Dolls, Figurines, Baskets etc
Lane Salesman Sample Cedar Chest
Alarm Clocks
Wood Carvings
Hen on Next Glassware
Painted Porcelain plates and vases
Wooden Shoes
Smokey the Vol Dog toys
Cast Iron Drink Delivery Cart & Fire Engine
OLD Phone books
OLD recipe books
Cuckoo Clock
Perfume Bottles – over 100
Old 78 Records for Victrola
1969 Bomb Shelter service announcement
Vanity Items
Did we mention wooden boxes?
Smoking Pipes
Religious items
Primitive Kitchen Items
Dozens of Wooden Bowls
Violin, Mandolin, Recorders
Silver plate flatware – sets and quantities of random
Ceramic Figures
50s Ceramics items
Fascinating old Newspapers
Great Wall Curio Shelves
Hat Boxes
2 Victorian Spooners
Cup and Saucer Collection
Elf theme items
Asian Plates
Wooden Stirrups
Jade glass
Partial Sets and random China
Mason Jars
Canister Sets
Fostoria American glasses
Cast Iron
Clock Keys
Fruit Crates
We have several closets stuffed with Women’s Clothes in sizes M-XL with lot of 36-38
Impressive quantity of vintage Lingerie
Hundred of scarves – just wow, so many.
Coats and Jackets
Many pairs of shoes, size 8
Purses, Belts, etc.
BAGS & BAGS of Costume Jewelry!
DOZENS of side chairs, with some really great antique ladder back chairs w real split oak seats
Clothes Racks
Many rugs
Hall Tree
Country Pine Cabinet
“Onyun & Tater” Bin
Fern Stands
Lots of interesting framed prints, many with ‘country’ themes
Christmas Décor
Great mix of Table Lamps
Table Lamps – dozens
Throw Rugs – more than we can count and we have more we can’t reach yet
Fans and Heaters
Towels. Just see the pics of the bathroom closet.
Office Supplies
Garage Tools, Cords, Random overflow stuff. Good digging!
MORE NOT LISTED (We have boxes to empty still!)
Seven Seas Estate Sales
865 765 3514 or 3515, and 865 207 9512 and

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