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Our Services


When someone loses a Relative, the last thing they need is to deal with a house full of ‘stuff.’  Seven Seas knows exactly how to help people in that situation.  With a sensitive touch, we help folks discern what to keep and what to sell.  We conduct professional, on-site sales that bring out good buyers who pay the best prices for what needs to be sold.  We leave the house clean and empty and ready for selling or new owners.


Whether it’s because the kids have gone, you’re downsizing, divorcing, moving, or just want to de-clutter, we can help.  We specialize in selling everything in a home in just one weekend – and we leave the home empty and swept.


Not every client has a home full of stuff.  We accept individual items and collections and sell them either through one of our Estate Sales, or our new Online Bidding.  Whether you have one truly valuable item or hundreds, we find the best venues for marketing those items to get you top dollar.  With years of experience managing eBay consignment franchises, we are masters at selling online.


“Seven Seas Estate Sales made what would have been an insurmountable job for me a simple and pain free process.  I highly recommend them due to their honesty and efficiency.” -DR

“Seven Seas Estate Sales has been a life saver for my sister & me in cleaning out our Mother’s estate personal property & giving us a fair return. Will & Jeanne Kidd exhibited great professionalism & expertise in handling our needs. Their ability to organize, bring in the right buyers, & display the property the way they did is most commendable.” -MB

“I have been super impressed with your services! I have already referred you to two more people. Thanks much for all your hard work!” -AJ

“Seven Seas Estate Sales assisted me in selling and removing the contents of my father’s townhouse – a process that I was managing from California. They were able to empty the contents of this cluttered home quickly and profitably…… I was very pleased with the outcome – and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”-KB

“My wife and I were extremely happy with the services provided by Seven Seas Estate Sales. They were extremely efficient and professional at their job and they managed to clean out 45 years of accumulated “stuff” from my parent’s home. They skillfully displayed the items for the sale and everything was well organized. Payment after the sale was prompt. They sold almost all of the contents of the house and arranged for the small amount left to be donated to a qualified charity after the sale. They did all the organizing, sorting, advertising and selling and they were always accessible for (many) questions from me. I will be sure to recommend their services to others.”  -MB

“Just wanted to say we enjoyed meeting you this past weekend. We thought you did a very professional job handling the sale, and the consensus at the ladies’ coffee last night echoed our sentiments. I believe we will be seeing you again in Seven Oaks in the future” -JP

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