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Jan 29-30, Lyon’s Bend

Jan 29-30 Online Only Auction
Fun Sale off Lyons Bend Rd

Preview & Auction Close on Friday, Jan 29th
Pickup Day is Saturday, Jan 30th
Both Days by Appointment due to Parking Issues

This Online Auction is Huge! All Items are available for immediate purchase with Buy Now prices. All Unsold items sell to highest bidder without reserve on Friday, July 29th Starting 6 PM!

We have a fantastic sale off Lyon’s Bend over the weekend of Jan 29-30, 2021! The home has Mid-Century Furniture; Electronics; Sterling Flatware; Books; Collectibles from World Travel; Coins & Currency; Jewelry; Tools and a host of other interesting lots!

Due to limited access, we have put the Entire Sale into our Online Auction format and added Buy Now pricing as well. It’s a huge online auction, with almost 300 lots! We’ll have a preview on Friday the 29th, with this big auction closing from 6-11 pm! Pickup is in Saturday the 30th, although if you Buy Now you can pick up either day. BOTH days access to the sale is by appointment only. Delivery is available!

THE ONLINE AUCTION INCLUDES: 295 Lots with Henredon ‘Scene Three’ Chests; Psychiatrist’s Chaise; Desk by Robert John; Dining Set w China Cabinet & Buffet; Appliances; Sterling Flatware; Fishing Boat on Trailer; Folbot Kayak; 22 lots of good Books and more lots of CD’s; Jewelry & Coins; Stereos & Speakers; 18 lots of beautiful Paperweights; Clothes including Leather Chaps & Jackets; Kitchen & Dining Items, and many lots from Asia, Africa & Europe. This is fun sale with lots of interesting items!
Click below to view the items and bid.


ONLINE AUCTION LISTING (To bid, click the link above.)
1989 Maserati TC by Chrysler with 98,000 miles and drivable. This is a pop top convertible with round, ‘opera’ windows in the sides behind the seats. The interior is clean but the vinyl is worn. Overall, the paint and body are in good shape. The Vin is ZC2FP1105KB202246. Includes the repair manual. NOTE This is listing is Buy Now only. However, we will consider offers if we don’t get this asking price. (To make an offer, email us or see checkout during the the sale weekend.)
1 lot of Books. 20 Volumes of The New Age Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. In beautiful clean condition. From 1981.
2 Lot of Books with a shelf and a 1/2 of books including Field Guides, Gilbert & Sullivan, Dictionaries, etc. See pics for details on titles and total number.
3 Lot of Books with 17 Coffee Table Books including Japanese Art History; Art History; Wine; and Atlases.
4 Lot of Books containing a shelf of interesting reading. Several on Ships, Locomotives; Sport Flying, etc. See pics for details on titles and total number. See pics for details on titles and total number.
5 Lot of Books containing 39 Volume Lot of The Yale Shakespeare Plays. Appears to be the 5th printing from 1965. Good clean condition.
6 Lot of Books containing Fascinating Books including; Mythology; Antiques; History of Furniture; Wine & more! See pics for details on titles and total number.
Bookshelf Stereo with extra Speakers, plus a Weather Radio & Alarm Clock. The Advent Speakers are all powered.
Handsome Metal Wood Lectern with a plastic page protector to cover whatever book is left on top. The lid also lifts for storage. Could be used as a writing or standing work desk or hostess stand, too. 24″ wide x 22″ deep x 52″ tall, including the removable back rest.
7 Lot of Two Shelves of interesting books. Including North American Indians; Beethoven; and other good history. See pics for details on titles and total number.
8 Lot Two Shelves of great books including; a Scent of Man; Queen Victoria; The Other Bible; & more. See pics for details on titles and total number.
9 Lot of Great History Books on Lincoln; Jefferson; Catherine & Peter the Great. Plus Gemstones; Cut Glass; Agriculture & more.
10 Lot of Books containing 23 Volumes with Index & a Webster Unabridged from 1968.
11 Lot of Chess Books and other books. There are at least a dozen books on Chess. Other books on Sex; Magic & more! See pics for details on titles and total number.
12 Lot of Two Shelves on History & Other Fascinating Subjects including ; Yellowstone, Nautical Quarterly; D-Day & more. See pics for details on titles and total number.
13 Lot of Books includes Three Shelves full of books and other materials. Includes; Cooking; History; National Geographic; a puzzle & more. See pics for details on titles and total number.
14 Shelf of Books with topics on Aging; Marriage; Gardening; Aesop Fables & more. See pics for details on titles and total number.
15 Lot of Books on Knoxville & East Tennessee. Some titles we have not seen before. See pics for details on titles and total number.
16 Lot of Three Shelves with Books on New Yorker Cartoons; Ships; railroads; Egypt; and more. See pics for details on titles and total number.
17 Three Volume “Centennial History of the Civil War” by Bruce Catton, 1961, in very nice condition.
18 11 Volumes of The Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant. 1965 Printing and all in good condition with dust jackets. Plus 6 more History Books.
19 Six Volume Set by Carl Sanbrug plus more History Books on Churchill, WW1 & 2 Map books. The Lincoln Set is Copyright 1926, 25th Edition. Very good condition.
Lot of About 80 CDs Including Choral Works, Artists with Their Instruments such as Scott Joplin and Yo-Yo Ma, Jazz, and some Miscellaneous. All CD’s are in their cases.
Lot of 50 CDs Including 3 Collections and Some Extras. All conductors and symphonies in very good condition. All CD’s are in their cases.
Large Lot of Opera CDs Including Several Box Sets and a Greatest Opera Collection. Close to 100 individual discs. All CD’s are in their cases.
Large Lot of Classical Music CDs including artists whose names begin A-M, such as Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Mozart, etc. Almost 200 CDs. All CD’s are in their cases.
Large Lot of Classical Music CDs including artists whose names begin N-Z such as Schumann, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, etc. Almost 80 discs.
Bookshelf with All the Books on it. Some interesting reading and some required readings for school. Over 100 books.
Box Lot of Interesting Books including some Best-Seller Paperbacks, Travel Info, Civil War, etc. See pics for details on titles and total number.
Media Lot of DVD, VHS, and books on tape. About 30 DVDs, a dozen tapes, and 7 books on tape.
Cookbook Lot Including About 30 Books that will teach you how to make just about anything.
Lot of 13 Blankets & Throws including 9 Wool and 3 Poly. All in good clean condition with a mix of colors. Presumably Full and Queen sizes in the mix.
Lot of 3 Handmade Afghans including one with roses, one multi color squares that looks like Klimt and one that is bright with stripes.
Lot #1 of Fun Lot of Placemats, Napkins, and Tablecloths. Includes 9 sets of placemats, 9 sets of napkins including some that match, and 2 brightly colored tablecloths.
Lot #2 of Dining Decorator’s Lot of Fine Tablecloths and Napkin Sets. At least 13 tablecloths, 3 runners, and 10 full and partial sets of napkins. Most are in clean condition.
Lot #3 Gigantic Collection of Lacey and Embroidered Runners, Doilies, Scarves, Hankies, etc. Great lot – See photos for details on the quantity.
Lot of Vintage Silver Plate Serving Pieces, including 3 trays, tidbit tray with handle, a footed platter, oval platter, an oval covered vegetable platter, and a pair of candlesticks. All pieces have some tarnish but look like they would polish up okay.
Another Miscellaneous Lot of Silver Plate Serving Items and Flatware. Includes oval and round trays, a pretty bowl, and a handled tray.
Tray Full of Stainless Flatware mostly made up of an Oneida Stainless pattern but with a mix of Roberts Stainless too.
Lot of Fun Ceramic Items including a Penguin Cookie Jar, Mixing Bowl, Colander, etc.
Lot of Cool Vintage Copper Cups with Glass Inserts. They all have anchors on them and include a coaster to go underneath. In good condition other than a little tarnish.
Partial Set of Corning Dishware. Includes 16 dinner plates and various numbers of bowls, smaller plates, cups, and other serving pieces. Has a pretty flower design and mostly in good shape although there are some pieces with chips. See photos for details on the quantity.
Coffee Drinkers Lot including four shelves of interesting coffee mugs, a Mr. Coffee, two coffee presses, a blade coffee grinder, coffee, and filters. See photos for details on the quantity.
Stovetop Lot of Cookware which includes a pressure cooker, a non-stick wok with a handle, corning ware, mixing bowls, etc.
Emerson Microwave and a Faberware Waffle Maker. Both in working condition.
Lot of 3 Vintage Warming Trays. They show wear but work. 2 of them have 3 eyes.
Lot of Small Kitchen Appliances including an Oster Toaster, can opener, food saver pump, and a handheld juicer.
Another Lot of Small Kitchen Appliances including a Toastmaster Waffle iron, two boiling kettles, a knife sharpener, and a Mix Master.
A Third Lot of Small Kitchen Appliances including a Large and Small Food Processor and a Steamer.
Pretty Lot of Cups and Saucers and Other Tea-Related Items. There are about 10 different cups and saucers from several china makers, a miniature set of cream and sugar, etc. See photos for details on the quantity.
Lot of Pretty Kitchen Serving Items including platters, a cake plate, large bowls, and ‘potty’ shot glasses. See photos for details on the quantity.
Lot of Small Collectible Miniatures including a wee boat, elegant birds, turkey salt and peppers, toy cannon, and more–Please see the photos!
Everything From the Kitchen Drawers Lot including hand utensils, knives, clips, measuring cups, trashcans, even an iron. Everything you see in the photo.
Plastic and Tupperware Lot including salad spinner, cake carrier, dish drainer, and more!
PAIR of Vintage Bose 301 Speakers with Walnut Cabinet. They were working though the cones are out of them.
PAIR of ESS Classic Pedestal Speakers in Mahogany Wood Cabinets in very nice condition. We believe the tweeter may be out in one of the two.
PAIR of Advent Stereo Speakers of unknown model number and they need to be re-coned.
PAIR of Polk Audio Powered RT1000P Speakers in good working condition in tall black cases.
Sylvania Flat Screen Television 42″ LCD Model LC420SS8,with remote. In good working condition, although there is occasionally a slightly visible horizontal line in the screen.
Harman/Kardon Model AVR20II Stereo Receiver that appears to be in good working condition with remote.
Yamaha Natural Sound and Digital Sound Field Processor Model DSPDSP1. Powers on and lights up but has not been fully tested.
Sony VHS and DVD players and a Samsung DVD Player. All with remotes. Recently working but untested by us.
Lot of 4 Sony Mega Storage CD Players. One holds 5 CDs and the others store either 200, 300, or 400 each. We have 3 of the remotes and 2 of the 3 are reported working while the carousel in the 3rd has issues.
Harman/Kardon Model AVR20II Stereo Receiver #2 that appears to be in good working condition with remote.
Teac HD Radio Receiver Model HD-1. Has a slot on the top for an older version iPhone. Powers on and lights up but has not been fully tested.
Nakamichi Unidirectional Auto Reverse Cassette Tape Model Number RX303. It powers on, lights up, and appears to be working but isn’t fully tested.
Newer Panasonic Bookshelf DVD Stereo System Model SC-PM39D. Appears to be in working condition.
Thomas Museum Series Reproduction Radio and Turntable in an Antique Style Cabinet. Appear to be in good working condition, although it’s a bit dusty and the brace for the lid needs a new pin.
Garmin Street Pilot, Model # 2610, in a box that appears to include all of the original accessories. Recently working but untested by us.
Lot of Vintage Electronics including a Denon Turntable, 2 Tape Erasers, and other adapters. All items untested and the turntable cover was damaged by a bottle of record cleaner dripping and drying out on it.
Stunning Silver Filigree Bracelet from Isfahan, Turkey, in great condition. The bracelet measures 1.25″ wide and is 7.5″ long. It consists of 5 curved filigree panels, each made of intricate Silver Wire Filigree and set with a polished faux turquoise cabochon. Great condition!
Hamilton 14k White Gold Pocket Watch, 12 Size, with open face and dust cover in back, with a Hamilton Watch Co 17 Jewel 916 Movement, # 3130571, from about 1928, in great clean, running condition. It comes with a short watch chain, too. (FYI we found estimates saying the gold weight in a 12 size watch case ranges between 20g -22g. Total weight on this watch is 60 grams.)
Lovely Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelet with 5 big rectangular links, each with a big flower and leaves. It has a simple hook clasp so someone added a non-silver safety chain to keep it safe. 7.25″ long, 53 grams.
Middle Eastern Nickel-Silver Bangle Bracelet with Red and Blue Enameling.
Lot of Whimsical Costume Jewelry including several Necklaces, big Cuff Bracelet; Fashion Rings, Ganesh Pendant and more. See photos for details on the quantity.
Lot of Men’s Jewelry including several pairs of Cufflinks, 2 Watch Chains; a Compass, Shirt Studs, Tie Clips etc. See photos for details on the quantity.
Men’s 8k Gold ring with Cornelian Stone in very good condition, size 11. 8 karat is very unusual; the ring is actually stamped .333.
Extraordinary Men’s Sterling Ring with a Shank in the shape of an X made from two silver plates. The ring holds a striped Tiger Eye stone on top, with good play of light. May be one of a kind! Size 11, very good condition.
Elgin Pocketwatch with Watch Chain and pen knife. This is a newer Elgin with a Swiss movement in a base metal, gold tone case. Very good running condition.
Lot of 3 German Commemorative Coins including 1989 40 Years of Federal Republic 10 Marks in .625 Silver; and 2 1986 5 Mark Coins celebrating 600 Years of Heidelber University. All 3 are UNC and come in original mint holders.
1972-G Germany Silver Olympic Commemorative 10 Deutsche Mark Coin in AU-UNC Condition. 15.5 Grams of .625 Silver.
1972-F Germany Silver Olympic Commemorative 10 Deutsche Mark Coin in AU-UNC Condition. 15.5 Grams of .625 Silver.
1972-D Germany Silver Olympic Commemorative 10 Deutsche Mark Coin in AU-UNC Condition. 15.5 Grams of .625 Silver.
1972-J Germany Silver Olympic Commemorative 10 Deutsche Mark Coin in AU-UNC Condition. 15.5 Grams of .625 Silver.
1972 Austria Silver 10 Schilling Coin in AU-UNC Condition. 7.5 grams of .640 Silver.
1912 Austria 10 Corona .900 Gold Coin in UNC Condition, weighing 3.38 grams.
1889 US Morgan 90% Silver Dollar in VF-XF condition.
Lot of US 90% and 40% Silver Half Dollars including 90% 1952 Franklin; 2x 1964 Kennedy, and a mix of 40% Kennedy’s with at least one each of 1965-1969.
1973 US Mint Uncirculated Eisenhower 40% Silver Dollar in great condition in original envelope with papers.
1928-A US One Dollar ‘Funny Back’ Silver Certificate with Blue Seal.
1934-A US Five Dollar Silver Certificate with Yellow Seal, making it a North Africa issue.
1935-A US One Dollar Silver Certificate with Yellow Seal, making it a North Africa issue.
1935-A US One Dollar Silver Certificate with Red Seal and ‘Hawaii’ markings.
1935-A and 1935-D One Dollar Silver Certificates with Blue Seals.
1957, 1957-A and 1957-B US One Dollar Silver Certificates with Blue Seals.
Lot of 3 1963-A US $1 Currency Notes with Consecutive Serial Numbers – Crispy UNC!
Lot of 7 1969-D US $1 Currency Notes with Consecutive Serial Numbers – Crispy UNC!
Sterling Service Flatware for 10 with extras in Oneida Heirloom “Lasting Spring Pattern” sterling. The solid pieces weigh about 77 Troy ounces, so with the knife handles we expect that it’s close to 83 Troy ounces. 10 of most pieces and 12 on the knives.
Sterling Silver 10″ Serving Bowl in good condition with just one tiny ding and light tarnish in spots. A hefty 250 grams.
Gorgeous Vintage Sterling Silver bowl with Art Nouveau styling and 4 pretty flowers around the edge. There are some tiny dings on the high spots of some of the flowers but generally it still looks great. 190 grams. The mark ties this bowl to the Meriden Britannia Co. and to the late 1890’s.
Lot of Miscellaneous Sterling Flatware and Serving Pieces. Including a sugar and other specialty spoons, one from Bellingham, Washington, one marked ‘Maria 1900’, and a small, unweighted tarnished bowl in the back as well. Weighs approximately 8 Troy ounces. See photos for details on the quantity. See photos for details on the quantity.
Paperweight Lot #1 is Two Lovely Paperweights with Laser-Etched Crystal Images inside. One is a pineapple and the other is a jellyfish. Both in great condition and each one comes with a round mirror underneath.
Paperweight Lot #2 is a Lot of 4 Handmade Glass Paperweights all with Floral Designs. All are in good condition and they come with mirrors shown.
Paperweight Lot #3 is a Lot of 4 Millefiori. One is hand signed, the one shown on the left is marked Murano, and the other 2 are unsigned. 3 of the 4 have mirrors and they’re all in very good condition.
Paperweight Lot #4 is a Waterford Crystal Paperweight with the original paper label and this one is marked as a replica of the Times Square Millennium 2000 Ball Drop.
Paperweight Lot #5 is a Lot of 3 Fun Clear Glass Paperweights. The one in the center is signed Eickholt 2004. Also includes a crystal ball and a pig.
Paperweight Lot #6 is a Pair of Signed Paperweights, Each with a Lighted, Mirrored Base. The blue swirly one is signed Eickholt. We can’t make out the signature on the cubical one but we have a good picture of it for you.
Paperweight Lot #7 is a Lot of 4 Handmade Egg-Shaped Paperweights. The blue one in the middle is cobalt cut to clear crystal from Hungary. 3 have mirrors and one is on a stand.
Paperweight Lot #8 is a Lot of 4 Paperweights all with Beautiful Swirly Patterns. All are in great condition.
Paperweight Lot #9 is a Lot of 3 Signed Paperweights with Beautiful Iridescent Finishes. One from Phoenix Studios 1984, one simply marked DBG, and the last one we can’t make out but we have a good picture for you.
Paperweight Lot #10 is a Lot of 3 More Exceptionally Pretty Paperweights. Including one onion skin with gold flakes and one intriguingly swirly. All in great condition. 2 of the 3 have mirrors.
Paperweight Lot #11 is a Lot of 3 Art Glass Paperweights. All with Murano stickers and a display mirror in great condition.
Paperweight Lot #12 is a Pair of Decorative Paperweights from Kuo Designs. Both have birds and are in very good condition.
Paperweight Lot #13 is a Lot of 3 Art Glass Paperweights signed by Eickholt. All in very good condition.
Paperweight Lot #14 is a Lot of 4 Signed Art Glass Paperweights. All have mirrors and are signed and appear to be each from a different artist.
Paperweight Lot #15 includes an extraordinary Gold Paperweight with 3 Faceted Sides, and a Tiny Earth-Shaped Pyramid from Earth Works. Both in great condition and the gold one comes with a mirror, too.
Paperweight Lot #16 is a Lot of 4 Signed Art Glass Paperweights. Includes one from Chitaness titled “Quicksilver” from Scotland. The one with the red stripe is signed Cesges. There’s one from Gentle Glass in West Virginia. The big black one is hand-etched and we can’t read it but we took a picture for you. Includes 3 mirrors.
Paperweight Lot #17 is a Lot of 4 Paperweights including one Rose Quartz; one Faceted Pyramid; one signed one that doubles as an oil lamp from Fire Island; and a pretty clear one with bubbles on a mirrored stand. It has a signature that we could not make out so we took a good picture so you can try to work it out;)
Paperweight Lot #18 is a Lot of 3 Beautiful Paperweights, all signed and in very good condition. The one with the moon is from Lundburg Studios, the flat-ish one is from Phoenix Studios, and the Flowery one is hand-signed by Lazer.
Thomasville Oak Dining Table with 2 leaves, 10 Chairs, Two Captain Chairs and custom pads. 60″ long x 29″ tall without the leaves and each leaf is 20″ for the maximum length of 100″. The table is in good sturdy condition with a couple of heat marks in the finish. 8 of the chairs are in good sturdy condition. The cane back is broken out of #9, and the 10th one needs screws put back in to hold the seat to the back.
Matching Thomasville Oak China Cabinet with Three Drawers between two doors in the base. Four glass doors on the front, three glass shelves with plate grooves and lights inside. 61″ wide x 18″ deep x 78″ tall. In good clean condition with a nice finish.
Matching Thomasville Oak Server with dropped sides and custom pads. 39″ long with leaves down x 59″ long with the leaves up x 19″ deep x 31″ tall. It has two drawers in the base and sits on casters. In good sturdy condition with a nice finish.
Lot of Four Nesting Tables with Hand carved Bird and Flower Borders and different stained color on each one. The largest table is 20″ wide x 14″ deep x 26″ tall. The smallest is 14.5″ x 10.5″ x 18″. All three are in good sturdy condition with nice finish (There’s a 4th small nesting table that we found after we took the photos).
Matched PAIR of Swivel Rockers with cream and sage green upholstery. In good condition the fabric might be a little faded from time, though generally clean and no holes. 29″ wide x 33″ deep x 31″ tall.
Nice Mid Century L Shaped Office Desk by Robert John. Consists of a desk with three drawers and a four door credenza. 66″long on the desk side x 68.5″long on the credenza side x 29″ tall. In very good sturdy condition. Nice looking top with some wear on the trim of the desk.

1 Henredon “Scene Three” 7-Drawer Dresser in very good clean condition with a nice finish. 31.5″ wide x 19″ deep x 53.5″ tall. Some of the drawers have dividers; the top drawer has a sliding tray and there is a glass protector on the top. Interesting deco styled pulls.

2 Henredon “Scene Three” 7-Drawer Dresser in very good clean condition with a nice finish. 31.5″ wide x 19″ deep x 53.5″ tall. Some of the drawers have dividers; the top drawer has a sliding tray and there is a glass protector on the top. Interesting deco styled pulls. This dresser has a few scuffs to the finish in the black areas and a small chink out of the back right corner of the glass top.

Matching PAIR of Henredon “Scene Three” 2-Drawer Nightstands. The one shown on the right is in very good condition with just a couple of scuffs on the finish.The one on the left has mildew on the outer edges of the drawers. We were able to wipe some of it off so it may touch up easily. This 2nd piece also has some scuffs to finish. Both are 24″ wide x 19″ deep x 22″ tall.
Unique Modern Grandfather Clock made from thick plate glass with a rectangular mirror dial. 17″ wide x 15″ deep at the base x 74″ tall. In great condition with no chips or cracks. Will run fine with a new battery in back.
Modern Lamp with a Travertine Base and center body with textured metal framing and large pleated shade. 23″ diameter x 31″ tall. In good working condition. The body is good though the shade has some mildew.
Attractive End Table by Hammary. It has a mission oak style in very good clean condition and comes with a glass top (that is not exact size match.) 20″ wide x 27″ deep x 24″ tall.
Jazzy Motorized Scooter Chair from Pride Mobility. Has the battery and charger cord but has not been tested by us.
Folbot Folding Kayak with accompanying Boating Supply Lot that includes the contents of the three boxes shown that have maps, charts, water meters, flags, rope etc. The Folbot Folding Kayak is in the 3 bags. There are folding panels that make up the frame and a cloth to stretch over the outside. (Boat Gas can also included but not shown.)
Seamaid 14 Foot Aluminum Fishing Boat in good shape with no leaks. Comes with a trailer that’s wired for the lighting and has a 1 7/8 hitch. The trailer has good tires so buyer can drive this one off without added work.
1 Closet Full of Quality Men’s Sweaters, Coats, and Suits. Many of the sweaters by Byford of New York and have been freshly dry cleaned. They are all size large and the suit jackets are 40L. Seven suits & jackets and over twenty sweaters & sweater vests.
2 Closet Full of Quality Men’s Shirts, Dress Pants, Jeans with more Sweaters & extras. About 70 hangers of clothing.
New Balance #1569 Country Walking Randonnee Leather Top Hiking Shoes brand new with the box. Size 11.5.
Lot of Six Pairs of Men’s shoes with outdoor and water styles. Sizes 11 to 11.5.
Handsome Genuine Deerskin Men’s Jacket Size 40 by Harlow Leather World. Beautiful condition with zipping sleeves and pockets.
Set of Black Leather Chaps and Jacket by Bates of California. Leather zips on the pockets and arms with build in adjustable belt and buckle on the pants. Very little noticeable wear. Light mildew that easily wipes away. The jacket looks very nice on Will who normally wears a 40 Long.
Black Deer Skin Trousers size 34 waist with the legs left extra long so that they can tailored to be fit. New with tags.
Beautiful Wool Trappers Blanket by Pearce. In very good clean condition with no holes or tears. 72″ wide x 84″ long. It has been freshly dry cleaned.
Black Metal Magazine Rack by Leevengre. 18″ wide x 12″ deep x 27″ tall.
Solid Oak Rocking Chair by Brumby Chair of Marietta, GA with extra heavy spindles, rails and arms. It has moderate wear to the finish on the arms and the seat is getting a little saggy. Super sturdy. 28″ wide x 31″ deep x 47″ tall.
A genuion Psychologist’s Patient Sofa or Chaise, built on Mahogany Legs with peach corduroy Upholstery and Pillow. This sofa really was used at a local Psychology Practice! Good sturdy condition and the upholstery is in good shape with modest wear.
Nice Light Oak Rocking Chair with Woven Rattan Back & Seat in very good condition. Includes cushion. 27″ Wide x 28″ deep x 47″ tall. Some wear on the tips of the rockers.
Bent Oak Office Chair with Pink Upholstery with some wear on the arms. 24″ wide x 28″ deep x 34″ tall.
Large Floor Rug in a Dusty Rose Color, with a Blue Longevity Symbol in the center. It has uneven wear as some of it was under furniture and a plastic protector. 9’2″ x 9’6″.
An Impressive Framed Chinese Wood Carving of a Courtly Scene of Warriors, Carriages, etc. It has a lot of depth and detail. Appears to be carved from a single block of wood. 40″ long x 20″ tall x 3″ deep.
Signed, Framed Print Titled “Easter Alter’ #4 of 5. Signed Byron McKeeby in pencil. Dated 1967. It has lots of bunnies & Easter eggs! Housed in a black & gold wood frame. 22″ x 30”. The Ewing Gallery Website has good artist info under their article on this print.
Signed, Framed Print Titled “Eden.” Signed Byron McKeeby in pencil, #7 of 15. Housed in a black & gold wood frame. 23″ x 31″. Very good condition.
Versatile Four Tier Shelving Unit with a Slanted front with laminate wood shelves. Thicker at the base than the top. 24″ wide x 20″ deep at the base x 60″ tall. Very sturdy construction.
Trio of Oak Framed Easy Chairs you might see in a Waiting Room. 22″ wide x 24″ deep x 35″ tall. All clean in good condition with just a little wear to the upholstery.
Henredon Burl Wood End Table with one Drawer and Glass Top Protector. 22″ wide x 27″ deep x 21″ tall. Good sturdy condition with minor scuffs.
Pretty Ceramic Table Lamp with a Nice White Drum Shade by Illuminations. The body features red coral design. 25″ tall. In good working condition.
Pretty Oak End table with Laminate Inserts to look like Tile. In good condition. 30″ wide x 30″ deep and 23″ tall. Sturdy condition with just a few scuffs.
Vase Shaped Ceramic Lamp in Dusty Rose and Blue with a Paneled Shade. 34″ tall. In very good condition.
Groovy Ceramic Lamp from the 60’s with a polished agate finial and paneled shade. 38″ tall in good working condition.
Three Panel Art Work by Famous Local Artist Bill Lett. They are made from oxidized copper mounted to mahogany panels with painted wood frame around them. All three pieces have Mr. Letts Artist Info on the back. Each frame measures 17″ x 30″. Outstanding pieces of local art!!
Mission Style Magazine Rack in good sturdy condition. 21″ wide x 8″ deep x 18″ tall. Some scuffs to the finish.
Nice Heavy Brass Fireplace Fender in good, clean condition. Measures 48″ long x 8″ deep x 8.5″ tall.
Vintage Sunbeam Imperial Massager with an Awesome Chrome Body with the Spring Handholds. Powers on and rubs your stress away!
3 Panel Stained Glass Artwork, all in good condition. They each have a variety of colors in squares and rectangles arranged around a multi-color circle near the bottom of the pane. The two side panels are 14.5″ x 32″ and the larger center panel is taller at 14.5″ x 38″.
4 Panel Hand painted Chinese Screen with Storks. Presently wall-mounted but has hinges so it could be free-standing. 3 of the panels are in good condition but the paper on the 4th one has a tear across the bottom. On a wooden frame that measures 72″ x 35″ as shown, but that can fold.
A Gorgeous Cobalt Cut to Clear Crystal 8″ Bowl in very good condition with no chips or cracks.
Stunning Art Glass Vase from Sweden by Stromberg Shytan. Has gorgeous trees on one side and deer on the other. Has the original paper label. Originally $230.
Lovely Cut Crystal Console Bowl with an Unusual Design of Pears on the Sides. 10.5″ long in very good condition with no chips.
Waterford Crystal Bowl with a Beautiful Pattern with an 8″ diameter in very good condition.
Bohemian Green Cut to Clear Crystal Vase. Measures 8.5″ tall in very good condition. Has the original paper label as well.
Impressive Pair of Green Cut to Clear Crystal Vases with Patterns of Grapes, Leaves, and Stars. In very good condition with no chips or cracks. Measures 15.5″ tall.
Cut Crystal Cruet with a Stopper in very good condition.
Unusual Vintage Cut Crystal Vase in very good condition with no chips or cracks, although it needs some dried flower residue cleaned from the bottom. Measures 10″ tall.
Decanter and Glasses Set with a Tray, all in very good condition. The decanter is hand-blown and includes the original stopper. The are 6 pretty glasses and the tray has a pretty striped design.
Lovely Etched Crystal Water Pitcher in Very Good Condition with no chips or cracks. The etched design is pretty roses. Measures 10″ tall.
Tall Antique Cut Crystal Flower Vase with elaborate designs all up and down, in very good condition with no chips or cracks. Measures 16″ tall.
Glass Punch Bowl and 12 Monogrammed Cups, etch ‘NRL.’ In very good condition.
Long Shelf Lot of Clear Glass and Crystal Stemware. At least 8 different styles and miscellaneous beverage holders. In good condition, they have just been in long-term storage so they need a wash. See photos for details on the quantity.
Another Very Long Shelf Lot of Etched Crystal Stemware and Tumblers including waters, wines, martinis, aperitifs, etc. About 10 of each of the bigger pieces. See photos for details on the quantity.
Table Full of Glass and Crystal Items. Everything you see in the photos is included, including vases, crystals, and jugs. There’s pretty etched hurricanes and crystal bowls and vases, salts, beer glasses, and more! See photos for details on the quantity.
Antique Bee Smoker Complete with Bellows and Removable Smoker from Woodman’s Famous Bee-ware Bee Smoker. All in good condition including the bellows.
Antique German Lusterware Child’s Tea Set Complete in the Original Box. The cups and the teapot all have a silhouette of 3 children playing. The teapot is marked “Made in Germany.” The box is also in tact although the top edges are chipping. Remarkable find.
Antique Japanese Lusterware Tea Set in the Original Box. The pieces have a floral design and the teapot is marked “Made in Japan.” Might be missing some cups but there is an Akro cup and saucer in the mix too. The box is in fair shape as well.
Pair of Handsome Chinese Soapstone Foo Dog Bookends. In very good condition with a couple of small chips, about 9″ tall.
Lot of 3 Glass and Stone Spheres on Stands. All in good condition.
Lot of Cloisonne and Other Ceramics. All in very good condition.
Beautiful Carved Stone Deer on a Carved Wooden Stand from China. In very good condition. Measures about 6″ x 7″
Pair of Very Nice Carved Wood Animal Figurines of Different Goats or Sheep. On the larger one, it is a marked Switzerland and we assume the smaller one is from there as well. They are 8″ and 12″ tall.
Shelf Lot of all Hand carved Wooden Animals. Some are from Africa, some are from Asia, and there are some bears that may be from around here. A nice menagerie and in good condition.
Pair of Soapstone Foo Dogs with a Pair of Cast Foo Dogs with large spheres. Both appear to be in very good condition and have lots of detail. Measure 3.5″ and 6.5″
Pretty Chinese Cloisonne Horse on a Wooden Stand. Measures 9″ tall in very good condition.
Beautiful Cashmere Indian Wooden Chest with Ornate Carving Overall. In very good overall condition. Measures 10″ x 6″ x 6″
Antique Pewter Horse in very good condition with no markings. 12″ long x 10″ tall.
Impressive Shelf Lot of Cloisonne Items including a 10 inch bowl, two 7 inch vases on stands, tumblers, eggs, and decorative spheres. All in very good condition. See photos for details on the quantity.
Fun Collection of Classic Chinese Figurines including a carved soapstone woman, a cast resin old man, resin courtier woman, and 4 terracotta warriors. All in good condition and ranging from 6″ to 10″ tall. See photos for details on the quantity.
Cast Brass Statue of a Dancing Balinese Woman. Measures 17″ tall and in very good condition.
Extraordinary Carved Wooden Statue of a Coiled Dragon and Phoenix. Beautifully carved from a single piece of wood with lots of detail. Measures 16.5″ tall.
Beautiful Carved Woman in a Sari from Indonesia, probably Bali. She’s well done, carved from a single piece of wood, with pretty details and decorated with a lei. Measures 20″ tall.
Collection of Cast and Carved Chinese and Indian Women Figurines. The 6 in the back are carved and the one in the front is made of bone. All around 6″ tall.
Very Cool Chinese Box in the Form of a Man on a Horse, made from cast brass or bronze. You can lift the man off and store things inside the animal. Measures 8″ long x 9″ tall.
Extraordinary Carved Wooden Vase from Japan. Has nice birds and flowers on the outside that may be inlaid from other types of wood. Marked “Made in Japan” on the bottom. Measures 12″ tall.
Lot of 4 African Statues including 3 carved from wood and 1 ceramic. The ceramic one is the seated man with the cone shaped hat. The tallest one is especially fabulous and represents a woman carrying one baby and feeding another. They range from 8″ to 18″ tall.
Lot of Chinese Figurines Including an Amazing Gilt-Carved Panel, Wooden Fisherman, Brass Monk, and Cast Dragon. They range in size from 6″ to 11″ tall, all very good condition. See photos for details on the quantity.
Beautiful Carved Buddha Statue and a Large Buddha Head. There’s a mark on the statue that it came from India. The Buddha Head is 13″ tall.
Pretty Cast Bronze Statue of Cranes in Cattails. Measures 13″ tall and in clean condition.
Another Lot of Chinese Items Including Several Brass Bookends with Dragons, Incense Burner, Foo Dog, Stone Vase, Wooden Fisherman, Decorative Fans. All in good condition. See photos for details on the quantity.
Fun Combo of Two Swiss Carved Wooden Busts and Two German Steins. They measure 9-10″ tall and are all in good condition.
A Collection of Chinese Vases, Planter, and Sake Set. There is one cobalt blue vase with silver overlay in the mix as well. One of the two tallest vases has some small chips on the rim. The tallest vase measures 12″
Beautiful Copper Filigree Sailing Ship. Measures 8″ long x 4″ tall.
Shelf Lot of Wood Carvings from All Around the World. Includes a giant spoon and fork, bird comb, totem pole, woman’s bust, and Don Quixote.
Gorgeous Wall-Mounted Wood Carving of Saint Michael Casting the Devil out of Heaven. The Devil is in particularly tight spot because he has a flaming sword in his mouth. This work is hand signed and it has a paper label on the back from Adam Hub of Europe. 25″ tall in very good condition.
Skull Netsuke and a Genuine Ship Scrimshaw on a Horn. The tusk appears to be made of a natural material (not cast) and the scrimshaw is on a horn from a sea creature. Measures 1.75″ and 3″ tall.
Extraordinary Hand Blown Glass Paperweight Designed to Look like Cave Art. Artist signed by what appears to be R. Salience(?) dated 1989. Comes under a bell jar, about 6″ tall.
3 Piece Lot of Decorated Blown Glass Items including a perfume bottle with an amazing flower, a vase with a pretty flower, and a third vase. Range from 5″ to 9″ tall.
Extraordinary Lizard Box from the Rick Cain Master Series. The top of the box has a Lizard hatching from an egg and is titled “The Hatchling.” This is a numbered, cast reproduction of an original wood carving. Measures 7″ long x 4″ tall.
Stunning Hand-blown Decanter from Orrefors. Hand-signed on the bottom, in great condition with a stopper too. Measures 14.5″ tall.
Shelf Lot of Clocks Including a Slight Dome Top Mantle Clock from Germany, a Smithsonian Wooden Quartz Mantle Clock, plus Bulova and Seiko alarm clocks.
Shelf Lot of Fascinating Mixed Decorative Items including an oil lamp, Swedish candlesticks, stone bookends, wooden puzzle, horsehair raku pot, Chinese vase, and more!
Shelf Lot of Animals and Other Figurines including Thai Lacquer and Carved Horn Bird, Lion Bookends, Swiss Wood Carving, and more! See photos for details on the quantity.
Lot of Large Animal Wood Carvings from Europe and Elsewhere, includes two fighting stags, a longhorn sheep, two tall ducks (although one needs repair), and a carved panel with a tree design in it. Range from 14″ to 19″ tall. In addition, the stag’s horns need to be reattached.
Two Vintag wooden Models of Chinese ‘Junk’ Ships. They’re handmade and primitive and in good shape, although the taller one needs the masts and sails reattached. The smaller ship is 13″ long and the bigger one is 16″ long.
Full Size Serta Mattress and Box Springs on a Metal Frame with Casters. In good, clean condition.
Small Three Drawer Maple Desk with a natural wood finish. In good, sturdy condition with some stains on the top. 34″ long x 18″ deep x 30″ tall.
Small Rectangular Coffee Table with a Metal Frame and Laminate Wood Top and Shelf. In good, sturdy condition.
Small Entertainment Cabinet with a Rotating Top and Two Doors in the Base. There’s an open section above the doors for media components. It’s dusty but nice and sturdy. Measures 40″ long x 17.5″ deep x 31″ tall. Sturdy but dusty.
GE Dorm Fridge with lots of stickers on the front. In good, working condition but it will need to be defrosted. 18″ wide x 22″ deep x 32″ tall.
Pair of White Laminate Bookshelves. Dusty but sturdy with extra shelves. Measures 28.75″ wide x 9.5″ deep x 68″ tall.
Work Bench Lot that includes the work Bench and everything above and below it in the photo. May include other items not shown as we finish cleaning the space. The work bench is on steel framing with two drawers and a good vice mounted on top. Measures 58″ wide x 26″ deep x 37″ tall. Easy to remove as it’s near the basement door.
Whirlpool Dehumidifier in Working Condition. It’s possible to put a hose on the bucket so you don’t have to empty it.
White-Westinghouse Frost Free Refrigerator. An older model but clean and running fine. Some dings to the plastic shelving but has good metal shelves inside too. 31.5″ wide x 25.5″ deep x 63″ tall.
Gibson Frost Free Commercial Freezer in Good Running Condition. Model FV19F5WXFE. Also easy to remove and right by the door. 32″ wide x 27″ deep x 65.5″ tall.
Lot of 4 Bent Wood and Brass Backless Barstools. 16″ diameter and 30″ tall in good sturdy condition, although the upholstery could use some spot removal.
Lot of 4 Oak TV Trays on a Holder. Good and sturdy but some water stains on the top.
Lot of Fun Vintage Games. Includes a pretty stone chess set still in the box, The Game of Go, Gravitation, Space Tilt, and others.
Heavy Chinese Brass Lamp with Pretty Birds Etched in the Body. Has a pleated shade and a Chinese coin for the finial. Measures 33″ tall and is in good working condition.
Candlesticks and Lamps Lot that includes brass and wood candlesticks and a pretty tea light holder as well as two stag horns.
Lot of Two Old Leather Trunks with Hangers and Drawers on the Inside. Workings are a little stiff but they are unusually clean. They have all their clasps and measure 27″ x 14″ and 8″ thick.
Big Lot of Decorator Pillows, about 15 pieces total.
Sony PlayStation 2 with Power cord and 4 Controllers in the Original Box. The console has issues; the controllers are all in good working condition.
Yamaha DG Stomp Guitar Amplifier with Effects, used and in original box with manual. Family reports it isn’t working as it should so may best be used for parts.
Tascam Mini Studio Porta One, used and with issues in its original box. Good for parts.
Infocus Digital Projector and Audio Mode in a Backpack Carry Case with the Manuals. In very good, clean condition. Like new or lightly used.
Awesome Vintage Bell Motorcycle Helmet Dated 1975 and in the original box. The styling is awesome but the foam is brittle now. The red tape was added after. Size 7 and 3/8
Hankie and Scarves Lot with dozens of Men’s Handkerchiefs, many new in the package, about 15 Scarves in silk and poly, and even some Suspenders. Almost all in good condition. See photos for details on the quantity.
Cold Weather Garments Lot including 10 scarves, gloves and heavy socks, and multiple hats including a true French chapeau.
Bath and Home Accessories Lot including a Scale, Razors, Blow Dryers, Curlers, new tissue boxes, and some light bulbs. See photos for details on the quantity.
Sheets and Towels Lot including a Queen Sheet Set with Comforter, Miscellaneous Towels, a Sleeping Bag, Heating Pad, etc.
Purses and Wallets Lot including a Fossil Leather Shoulder Bag, Two Coach Bags (authenticity unverified), and more.
Belts, Bowties, Bolo Ties, and Sunglasses Lot. Includes several tooled leather belts, bolo ties with gemstones, and more. See photos for details on the quantity.
Giant Office Supply Lot. Includes two printers (working when disconnected), metal file organizers, phone system, power strips, a bookshelf, paper, and a lot of everything in the desk drawers. See photos for details on the quantity.
Sturdy Metal Five Drawer Filing Cabinet with Lock and Key. In good, clean condition, measures 15″ wide x 29″ deep x 60″ tall.
iMac Apple Computer Model 24/2, in working condition with the ID and password available. Comes with speakers and a mouse. Our client indicates it’s running Mac OSX 10.4.11
Brother MFC 6800 Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax. Working before it was disconnected. Comes with some toner, although we aren’t sure if it’s the right one.
Two Floor Lamps and a Really Cool Flexible Desk Lamp. All in good, working condition.
Household Furniture Lot including a five drawer laminate dresser, 3 mirrors, a luggage rack, and a sweet poem, a cane, and the other items in the photos.
Handy Household Lot including a speaker system, phone system, headphones, heater, rechargeable radio, iHome speaker with older iPhone jack, and other items shown.
Photographer’s Lot with Panasonic Lumix & Kodak Retina IIC Cameras; Vivitar Lenses; Flash Tripods, and more.
Great Lot of Women’s Fancy Boots and Shoes. Fabulous Stiletto Heels, Leather Boots, and more. All in new or lightly used condition. Brands include Aigner, Aldo, Nine West, and others. Size 9.5 and 10 in boots.
Four Drawer Locking File Cabinet with Key by Yawman and Erbe. In good, sturdy condition just needs good wipe down. Measures 15″ wide x 28″ deep x 51″ tall.
Handy Household Items Lot including a humidifier with a new filter, a white bookshelf, a white mirror, a white lamp, and a white backless stool.
Patton High Velocity Fan Model U2-20 in good condition.
Massive Homemade Floor Speaker. We have no specs on how intense it is. Paper label on the back from JW Davis Company.
Pair of New in Package Light Fixtures from Kichler. Still wrapped in their plastic inside. See photo for the label of what it looks like. Uses any standard bulb.
Semi Recumbent Exercise Bike from Pro Sport Fitness from their Club Line Model 4200. Clean and comes with the manual.
Organization and Storage Lot. Includes several plastic totes, milk crates, storage drawers, a shoe rack, duffle bags, and more. Everything in the photos is included. See photos for details on the quantity.
Large Picnic or Office Break Room Lot. Includes two crates of coffee cups, paper plates, and napkins. See photos for details on the quantity.
Spectacular Lot of Christmas Light Strings. There’s 6 full plastic reels, 4 bags, and a tote all filled with light strands and heavy extension cords. Untested by us.
Wheelchair and a Walker. The wheelchair is an Invacare Model 9000 SL and the walker is the kind that folds up and has handbrakes and larger than usual wheels.
Ab Lounge Sport Exercise Machine. Folds up for storage and has some light rust but it’s in working condition.
Royal Vacuum Cleaner with Extra Bags. The power turns on and it appears to be in working condition.
Lot of Carry-On Luggage and a Scale. Includes one hard and one soft-sided suitcase and a specialty case with lots of fold-down compartments and dividers. There’s two leather briefcases, a health-o-meter, and a 300 pound scale.
Vintage GE Window or Attic Mount Fan. Runs.
Kenmore Dorm Fridge Model 94362. Older model and needs a good wiping, but it powers up right away and runs.
Garage Miscellaneous Lot including a cooler, drink cooler, pet carrier, fertilizer, flashlights, warning cone, and other items in the photos.
Large Lot of Black and White Letters in a Box. They appear to be laminate and are about 5-6″ in size.
Huge Wooden Crate, Great for Toys or Storage. Cool stickers on one end. Measures 23″ w x 44″ l x 16″ t.
Huge Camel Top Sea Chest with Wood and Metal Straps and Good Hinges. Good and solid and good candidate for restoration. Measures 34″ long x 21″ deep x 28″ tall. Clean inside.
Hoover Wind Tunnel Upright Vacuum Model U6425-92. In working condition and powers on and runs.
Cosmetology School Supply Lot. Includes lots of things you would need to learn to cut hair. The duffle bag shown is full of aprons, clips, etc. There are several mannequins with practice hair, plus some hair color, etc. Even includes a bearded guy.
Giant Lot of Art and Art Supplies. See all the photos because there’s more than just what’s in the gallery shot. Includes bins of paint, boxes and bags of paper, yarn, and other supplies, a nice easel, origina lart works, frames, and a huge artist folio. Everything you see!
Garden Tool Lot including several shovels, rakes, hoes, pitchforks, pick axe, and more. Includes a wheelbarrow (not pictured) that needs air in the tire. See photos for details on the quantity.
Two Pair of Vintage Wooden Water Skiis by Mercury and Northerland.
Regulation Ping Pong Table consisting of 2 square support Tables and a Regulation sized Top that spans them. The two square tables are 54″ x 60″ and they have steel legs with braces. The top table is a single 9′ piece that sits on the two bases and is marked for ping pong. Great for model trains, crafting, etc., too!
Ready-Made Traintrack Layout for HO Scale. Easy to load, right beside a door. 8’2″ long and 4’1″ wide. It’s a figure 8 with two tiers. Complete with switches and wiring for controllers.
Lot of HO Train Supplies Including 3 Engines, 15 Cars, 2 Transformers, a Building, and some Track.
Furniture Parts Lot. Includes a 3 drawer stand without a top and the glove boxes from an old dresser.
Lot of Tools and Workroom Supplies. The first box includes a scroll saw and lots of other things but we didn’t dig all the way down. The second box has interlocking floor tiles and more.
Lot of Large Faux Houseplants and Pots. See photos for details on the quantity.
Narrow Gun Safe with Lock and Key. Measures 14″ wide x 8″ deep x 55.5″ tall. Good steel construction.
Household Appliance Lot include humidifiers, a dehumidifier, fans, heaters, a radio, and more. These were all in an out building and are untested.
Craftsman Gas Powered Edger. Appears to be complete but it is untested by us. Comes with gas cans.
Avenir Trainer Exercise Bike Stand in the Box.
Craftsman Radial Arm Saw on a Rolling Cabinet Base with Five Drawers and Locking Wheels. You can change the angle and the depth on the saw. We believe it’s working but the power is off in the building so we couldn’t fully test it, but the sawdust is a good indicator.
Yard Supply Lot with Rolling and Handheld Seeders, Pump Sprayers, Grass Weed & Feed, Mulch, Bird Feeder, and some Rain Slickers.
Patio Firepit on Metal Stand. The steel framing and top are in good shape but the fire bowl has rusted through on one side.
Old Wade Upright Freezer. It was working when last unplugged and now has some mildew. It has been in the carport for overflow so could use a good cleaning.

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