Consign With Us

Seven Seas has been running Online Auctions longer than any other Estate Sale company in East Tennessee. With 10 years experience, we have thousands of registered bidders and frequent auctions, which means we are the ideal place to get the highest return for your valuables, and that you will get paid fast for them.

Consignment sales with us is very transparent! Your consigned items are posted for sale Online where you can watch what them sell and figure exactly what your payout will be for them.

Consigning collections to our Online Auctions usually pays much better than selling your collection outright. Dealers have to figure lots of margin when they buy directly, which often means you don’t get a great price. But when you consign directly to our Online Auctions, your valuables sell direct to the end buyer, which means they get a ‘real market price.’ Our reasonable commissions come out of very nice prices, which means there’s more in the end for you when you choose to sell by Consignment.

What do we take?

We accept a broad variety for our Online Auction Consignments. Generally we take in collections of Jewelry, Coins, Watches, Knives, Collectibles and Artwork. We also often take a mix of those items from a single estate that may not have a ‘collection’ of any one type, but has a nice mix of all. We do free consults on the phone and in person to help you discern whether you have the right volume or mix if items for Consignment.

We DON’T take large items like Furniture. Since we always conduct sales from homes which are usually already full, it isn’t practical to fit in Dining Room, Bedroom or Office Furniture, etc. So our Consignments focus on the small goods.

How Can you Start?

We do free consultations on the phone and in person. Call us at your convenience at 865 765 3514, or you can fill out the contact form on the home page of this website, including your number, and we’ll call you. We’re happy to help you get the most for valuables!

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