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Our Mission:  To conduct Sales that are Mutually Beneficial to our Clients, our Customers and our Business.


In-Home Estate Liquidation and Moving Sales – and Now Online Auctions too!

  • In-Home Estate Liquidation and Moving Sales
  • Online Only Auctions
  • ‘Quick Sales’ to Empty Contents Rapidly

Estate and Moving Sale Services both in-home and online. We run on-site sales to liquidate the contents of homes.  We specialize in selling Coins and other Collections plus Furniture & Antiques online! We work with individuals in Knoxville and surrounding Counties.

We do all of the marketing, advertising, pricing and staffing to get the best return on your items.  We make our money when you make your money.  You will have zero out-of-pocket expense for our services!


  • Over 400 In-Home Estate Sales Conducted in 11 years
  • 5 Years Selling Antiques & Imports on Television
  • 2 Years Managing an Estate Jewelry Store
  • 4 Years Training eBay Sellers
  • Thousands and Thousands of Sales on eBay & Craigslist

Jeanne and Will Kidd have a background no one could have planned, but that is the ideal for running this kind of business.

It began in 1986 when the Kidds embarked on the first of many trips that have since carried them through dozens countries buying and selling jewelry, artifacts and an astonishing assortment of other goods.

The efforts to sell the foreign purchases landed Will a job hosting live TV on a home shopping channel where he sold antiques and imports for 5 years. He moved on to manage a jewelry store and then trained the sellers in a chain of eBay consignment stores that sold over a million items online.

In the midst of those efforts the Kidds worked with live auctions, flea markets and other major online venues.

Now in their 11th year conducting Estate Sales, the Kidds and Seven Seas continue to innovate and present great sales for their clients and customers.

Bottom Line: They know what things are worth, and where to get the most money for them!

CALL 865 765 3514 or send us your email address and Phone number.

We’ll answer your questions and add you to our sale notification emails.


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